Wicomico County Health Department begins covid booster shots on Oct 4th

SALISBURY, Md. – Wicomico County will now be offering boosters and third doses of the vaccines for the elderly and immunocompromised.

Third doses are for those who did achieve sufficient immunity from the first two doses and can be scheduled as soon as 28 days after receiving a second dose, with the goal of getting the immunity up to the level the first two doses were meant to achieve.

Booster shots seek to increase the time period in which a full level of immunity is maintained and are recommended for those 65 years and older, immunocompromised people depending on their conditions and those with certain professions that the state believes leaves them particularly vulnerable.

Those shots will begin at the Wicomico Civic Center Clinic on Monday, October 4th.

Wicomico County Health Department told 47 ABC those distinctions and the full criteria on who could get it was the reason their clinic is only now able to hand out doses that Governor Hogan announced last week.

“When initially the recommendation was put out that there was going to be boosters doses available that came before there was any concrete guidance from the CDC or Maryland on how we should give it, to who or the time frame,’ said Wicomico County Communicable Disease Program Manager Olivia Butler.

Butler told 47 ABC that those who wish to get either dose due to immune system issues should check with their doctors to be sure they qualify.

The full details of what conditions qualify for the treatment are available on the Wicomico County Health Department website.

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