Salisbury University student government hosts Recycle Madness


SALISBURY, Md. – Hundreds of pounds of recyclable materials were collected at Salisbury University on Friday as student organizations competed for cash prizes while also working to make the campus greener.

“Recycling is really important on campus because we really need to promote a sustainable campus, because it’s one of SU’s goals and it’s something that we hold with pride,” Abbi Pettinati, the Student Government Association Director of Sustainability, said.

Bottles, cans, cardboard boxes, even old textbooks, that was all part of the hundreds of pounds of recyclable materials going into two dumpsters on Salisbury University’s campus after being collected by individual student organizations all semester.

“Doing this really helps to foster the campus culture around sustainability, so we get to have fun and celebrate sustainability while recycling, which is really important waste aversion for all types of reasons,” Pettinati said.

But it’s not just about recycling. Organizations are taking other steps to be sustainable, too.

“The refillable water stations on campus were done on campus, there’s solar panels going up on Henson soon,” Pettinati said.

All baby steps toward a greener, more sustainable campus and student body.

“I hope that people just have a greater sense of sustainability on campus, and recognize the importance of being green,” Pettinati said.

At the end of the day, three organizations who collected the most recyclables all win money that they can put toward their organization.

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