Home heating prices set to increase amid cold weather, supply shortages

DELMARVA – As Temperatures here on Delmarva begin to drop, the prices for the fuel and electricity you use to keep your house warm are expected to rise.

A national increase of 30 percent is projected, in line with recently reported bumps in inflation, and continued supply chain shortages could squeeze locally on gas, oil, and even electricity. Delaware Electric Cooperative tells us they are projecting their electricity will remain at the same price, due to diversity in the sources they get that electricity from, but they say for everyone looking to stay warm this winter and fall, that may not be the case.

“We expect energy bills to start rising later in October and certainly in November as we get into winter we have been blessed with an unusually warm later September and early October, if you are on Delmarva and you are heating your house with natural gas you are going to be paying more than this time last year or the year before,” said Delaware Electric Cooperative Manager of Marketing and Communications Jeremy Tucker.

That increase in a utility that everyone pays for could prove difficult for those on a fixed or low income. Options are available to apply for utility assistance from local resources, such as Shore Up’s Energy Assistance program for Maryland or the DHSS Low Income Heat and Electricity Assistance Payment program, which can help to cover some and up to all of the costs for qualifying households.

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