Delawareans ‘race’ to the speedway for a unique vaccination event

DOVER, Del. – Delawareans on Saturday headed to Dover international speedway for a race to end COVID-19.

“For us, just getting people vaccinated in our state, is the biggest priority to get back to normal,” says Governor John Carney.

In partnership with the CDC, the state of Delaware gave people a chance to get a shot, and take on the monster mile.

“So it’s just the idea of keeping it in people’s minds, giving people an opportunity a safe opportunity to get vaccinated,” says Governor Carney. Dr. Karyl Rattay, Director of Delaware Department of Health adds, “This pandemic has been no fun for anyone and we saw this as a fun opportunity to help bring some people out to get vaccinated.”

Those needing a first shot, second shot, or a booster were all in the running. One participant tells us, their health and safety of those around them took first place for him. “We spend an awful lot of time with our kids and our grandkids, and it’s important that we were not doing anything to spread this COVID thing around anybody that’s close to us or anybody in general really,” says participant, Ralph Lovette.

People got to wrap the track three times behind the pacer car for three laps, some calling it a once in a lifetime experience. “It gives you a different perspective of what the race car driver sees on a band track and how the different forces work with you, but it was fun I’m really glad we did it,” says Lovette.

Dr.  Rattay tells 47 ABC, a little over 80% of Delawareans are vaccinated, but only 50% of young adults have their first shot. She says the younger adults are their major concern in the race to get the state fully vaccinated. “We all want to turn the corner so desperately from this pandemic, we just want to end this pandemic, and the more people we can get vaccinated the more successfully we can do that,” says Dr. Rattay.

Those wannabe racers say, turning the curve into the next lap in the race against COVID-19 just helps offer some peace of mind. “In my mind, I want to do it just to get by all the stuff all the hassle and all the back-and-forth bickering and just get vaccinated, move on,” says Lovette.

Dr. Rattay also tells us, they hope to continue hosting unique events like this one, to get the remainder of Delawareans vaccinated who want to be. She says she understands why some are still hesitant to get their shots, they’re concerned about safety. However, she says, “In my career, I have never seen a vaccine we never evaluated the safety of a vaccine as thoroughly as these three vaccines.”

If you didn’t make it Saturday, you can still head to the track on Sunday for the race to end COVID event.

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