Capital School District considers changing security policy after 16-year-old brings gun to school

DOVER, Del. – Officials at the Dover High School are considering implementing new security measures after a lockdown Tuesday prompted by a 16-year-old student bringing a gun into school.

The district was notified of the gun on campus by an anonymous tip from a concerned community member, prompting a 9-minute lockdown of the school at which time police were called to the scene and arrested the student who was found to have the gun on his person.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Vilicia Cade tells us the district is now weighing its options for how to prevent events like these in the future.

“We have a trauma and school connectedness task force that convenes and we will be discussing all additional options and what additional steps we need to take as a school to ensure we remain safe,” Superintendent Cade said.

Superintendent Vilicia Cade says options like metal detectors and screening students, on top of their 5 armed constables and school resource officer that are already on site are not off of the table, but she says that students have rights to privacy that a security policy must also account for.

“As we put measures to enhance safety how do we also make sure we are not violating the rights and dignity of others,” Dr. Cade said.

Dover Police responded to Tuesday’s threat, saying they understand that no one wants schools to look like a TSA checkpoint but believe more can be done to detect weapons before they enter a school building.

“You would hope that options like that would at a minimum deter people from thinking about bringing contraband into the building,” said Dover PD Sgt. Mark Hoffman.

Officials are touting the event as a success of their anonymous report system, and thank the community for stepping up and getting involved to ensure the safety of those in the building.

“In this particular case the anonymous tip was huge for us we would have never known otherwise,” Hoffman said.

Dr. Cade says she hopes more community members follow the tipster’s example and speak up if they believe a student is at risk of violence or bringing in weapons to school.

“It is vitally important that we as a community come together when we see something to say something,” she said.

The name of the student is not being released as police continue to investigate the motive, how the student intended to use the gun, and where it was obtained. He is currently charged with possession of a firearm by a person prohibited, concealed carry of a deadly weapon, and possession of a weapon in a safe school zone.

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