Wicomico County Parent voices concerns on overcrowded buses and social distancing

WICOMICO COUNTY, Md. – One Wicomico County School parent is voicing her concerns on overcrowded buses.

Duawan Mills, a parent, said her daughter’s school bus is crowded and social distancing isn’t happening.

Mills told us she’s also concerned because she said kids aren’t having their temperatures checked before they get on the bus.

She said this situation isn’t fair to the kids it’s a health risk and shouldn’t be happening and she’s demanding change.

” The transportation department needs to do better, they need to do better, this is not acceptable,” Mills said.

“You don’t put anyone in that position, these are kids, this is their lives were talking about, it’s a tacky situation and it’s heartless.”

We reached out to the school district about this matter and they said there are only a couple of isolated cases of overcrowding on buses and they are working to correct the issue.

They said they are currently looking for alternatives.

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