Wico. Co. board meeting postponed, abundance of unmasked protestors

WICOMICO Co., Md. – The Wicomico County Board of Education had to cancel their Tuesday night monthly meeting, due to unmasked protestors.

We’re told, the monthly meeting had to be adjourned because 30 or 40 people arrived at the lobby, mask-less. They were told only five people at a time could come in due to social distancing but with masks on, and they refused.

Due to the commotion and push-back, the board decided to adjourn for a later date to prevent any further complications. Those with the Wicomico Board of Educations say that whenever the meeting is rescheduled it’s a state mandate to wear a mask.

“A lot of people say, we weren’t wearing masks, we didn’t have to wear a mask when they go to the store but they have to realize there’s a state mandate that if you’re in a public school building, you have to wear a mask,” says Paul Butler, Director of Communications and Community Outreach at Wicomico County Public Schools. Butler adds, “And we invite everybody to come out, but if you come out, you have to wear your mask, that’s state rule.”

The Board of Education does plan to reschedule the meeting for a later time in the upcoming week at a much larger venue so more people can attend, but of course with masks.

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