Trail To The Truth: Link Bornos

TALBOT CO., MD. – A lot has changed since 1993, but for one Talbot County family, the painful reminder of a missing loved one has remained the same.

In our first edition of Trail To The Truth, we’re sharing Link Bornos story, in hopes that it could spark a lead.

“I just want to find him to put him to rest. Please somebody.” A call for help, after 28 years of asking… ‘What happened to Robert Bornos?’

He’s a son, and a brother, but to most he’s just ‘Link.’

“He was always cuttin’ up, doing something, making everyone laugh, that was Link,” said Link’s Sister, Cheryl Graves.

“He was always happy, he was a little bit ornery. But whatever you asked him to do for you, he would do it,” said Link’s Aunt, Darlene Lewis.

April 20th 1993, would be a date the Bornos family would never forget.

That night… Link was out celebrating a new job, at a bar that was once known as the Choptank Inn — in Easton, Maryland.

After ending a complicated relationship and moving back in with his mom, a drink seemed the perfect way to celebrate his next chapter.

But that drink… may have been the last he’d share with anyone.

“At some point he told his friends or other people at the bar that he felt ill and was last seen leaving the bar. That was the last time anyone has heard or seen from him.”

Maryland State Police Detective Kristi Plutschak confirms,  Link did arrive to the bar with friends the evening of April 20th… but it’s what happened next that leads to more questions than answers.

How did Link’s car end up in a nearby butcher shop parking lot?
After his family found it, why did it take roughly 5 days to open a missing persons case?
And more importantly – where is he now?

“He would go off for a few days but he would always tell me where he was and when he was coming back and then I didn’t hear anything from him and I knew something was wrong because that wasn’t Link,” Cheryl explained.

“It would be highly unusual for Robert Bornos to leave in this fashion without saying anything to his mother or his siblings or his friends,” said Tfc. Plutschak.

With no concrete leads and the clock ticking… the Borno’s family took matters into their own hands, by creating homemade missing person’s posters with Link’s picture.

These flyers flooding Talbot County,  in hopes that someone would recognize him and come forward with information.

Detailed on the page, what Link was last seen wearing: A WHO t-shirt, jeans, glasses, and orange and white tennis shoes.

Years of efforts to canvas his name across the county but still the trail has gone cold.

“It’s frustrating for any investigator not to close a case especially one like this to not be able to bring closure to the family, explain what happened especially when we know there are people out there that know what happened to Robert,” said Tfc. Plutschak.

“I still ride around looking for things like any sign of anything because you hear so many rumors. I would hear he was here and he was there and I would ride by just to see if I could find anything,” said Graves.

And until 2019 Link’s mother, Linda Blizzard, was the driving force behind the investigation.

After 26 years of searching for her baby boy… Linda passed away without ever knowing why her son didn’t come home.

“It’s all I wanted for her, I would go everywhere with her to help find him and we couldn’t. It hurts and it hurts bad real bad for all of us and if we could just put him to rest with my sister that’s all I want,” cried Lewis.

This October would mark Link’s 54th birthday and with each year that passes the family says they’re losing hope.

“This might sound odd, but it would be a relief to me knowing that there was closure and he would be with his mother,” said Lewis.

Closure… a feeling the Bornos family hasn’t felt for decades.

“I would love to close this case, I would love to bring closure to the family and his friends especially after all of these years,” said Tfc. Plutschak.

Police say even the smallest tip could be the ‘missing link‘ to solving this case.

“If you know something, it’s just better to come forward and get it off your chest because you may just be the help we’ve been waiting for,” explained Tfc. Plutschak.

For now, the family won’t stop searching… saying his name… and… sharing his story — until they find the Trail To The Truth.

“I think we’re keeping him alive by talking it’s what I think. Even though we know he’s not here but keeping him in our hearts.”

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