TidalHealth Nanticoke suspends elective surgeries for at least two weeks

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SEAFORD, Del. – TidalHealth Nanticoke and the surgeons practicing at the hospital have announced a temporary pause in elective, non-emergency surgeries that require an overnight stay for at least a two-week period.

The pause started today, September 13th. The same pause also took effect today at TidalHealth Peninsula Regional in Salisbury.

“TidalHealth made the decision based on a set of criteria that examines physical bed capacity, unit-based staffing, critical care bed saturation and the overall percentage of COVID-positive patients based on our total admissions,” said Sarah Arnett, DNP, MS, RN, NEA-BC, Chief Nursing Officer at TidalHealth. “The trigger point to reduce elective procedures is when we have exceeded our defined thresholds in three or more criteria for several days, which we have, first at TidalHealth Peninsula Regional and now at TidalHealth Nanticoke.”

All non-emergency, non-life-threatening surgeries requiring an overnight stay will be evaluated by a clinic team, and those that can be postponed will be. Patients affected have been notified by their surgeon’s office.

“We made this decision for the safety of our patients,” said Dr. Joseph Kim, President of Medical Staff at TidalHealth Nanticoke. “We do encourage everyone to receive a COVID-19 vaccination to reduce their chances of needing hospitalization as the Delta variant and other forms of COVID-19 continue to circulate in our area.”

TidalHealth will continue to evaluate the current staffing and capacity issues so that this suspension can be lifted as soon as possible.

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