The Conclusion: Talbot County Council votes to move confederate statue


TALBOT CO., Md. – After a long uphill battle, the Talbot Boys statue at the county’s courthouse will get a new home.

The vote comes after the council met tonight with two resolutions up for discussion.

Councilman Frank Divilio called to move the Talbot Boys statue from its current home.

The resolution to move the statue passed with a vote of 3-2.

Many supporters cheered as they heard the words they’ve been waiting to hear for the last year and a half.

They tell 47ABC that although it was a long journey getting to this point, they’re hopeful for what this means for the future. “I was born and raised in St. Michaels Maryland, but when I come up to Talbot County to Easton to pay my taxes I have to look at something to me is very hurtful,” said community member Stephanie Chester. “I think we’ll start to see more diversity and people will be more sensitive to other people that don’t look like them.”

Yet the vote wasn’t unanimous, with some council members saying they’ve been open-minded but this wasn’t the right decision.  “The public needs the opportunity to comment in a public fashion,” said Councilwoman Laura Price.

The statue’s new home will actually be outside the state of Maryland, moving to a private park in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

The move also won’t impact taxpayers’ pockets, as private funding will support the move.

There’s no word now on when it will take place but we will be sure to follow it and bring updates as we learn more.

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