Nat’l Folk Festival preparations

SALISBURY, Md. – In Salisbury, the city is getting ready for the return of arguably the biggest event of the year , the National Folk Festival. This time next week, the streets are going to be filled with people gathering for the long awaited folk festival. They’re already preparing to block off streets, and even have signs out limiting where people can park.

We’re told in preparation for the event, residents should be prepared for trucks unloading, production trailers, jersey barriers, and lots of closures. They said this year they’re a little bit later with planning, so they’re doing every things in double time to make this the best return to an in-person festival.

Caroline O’Hare the local manager for the folk festival tells us, tomorrow you’ll start to see tents, stages, and additional set ups for the festival. O’Hare says she’s ready to help give the community art, music, dance, traditions and much more. However, preparations for the big day, have to come first. “This week is going to be busy, you’re going to see some changes from your normal routine, we’re keeping mill street open so there won’t be that back-up that you saw on Carol street in the past,: says O’Hare. She adds, “Those in the downtown area, please be patient with us, we’re doing this for you.¬†Just in a matter of days, this will become this vibrant, full, festival footprint.”

Now we’re told they’re still looking for volunteers to help with set-up, clean-up and much more. If you’re looking to help out, just click here.

If you are in the area or work in Salisbury, Caroline O’Hare recommends to plan your commute to work accordingly, as many parking lots will be closed. The

National Folk Festival kicks-off next Friday, September 10th at 6:30 p.m.

Masks for the event are required.

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