Milford RiverWalk Freedom Festival returns for 2021

MILFORD, Del. – Saturday marked the return of the RiverWalk Freedom Festival in downtown Milford.

“It’s really a celebration of our community a reminder of 9/11 and to get together and be grateful and thankful for all the things we have here in Delaware,” said Delaware State Rep. Bryan Shupe.

It’s a tradition that started almost 20 years ago to honor the sacrifices first responders make to serve their community. The event was complete with a farmers market, over 30 street vendors, kids play zone, and even a classic car show to top it off.

Representative Bryan Shupe says the day is a lot of fun for everyone, and an event he fought hard to make sure would be back on for this year.

“We have a lot of first responders that come out and they are at the booths and they talk to us and we get to really give our thanks to them,” Shupe said.

 Cucina Veloce Owner Steve Scheder runs just one of the food trucks at the festival, he says it’s a great opportunity for new businesses like his.

“We don’t have our own restaurant this is my only venue and for a lot of the people coming out to the event, it’s the same thing they are small businesses so we are excited to be a part of that and a part of the Milford community,” Scheder said.

The festival is also a big boost for vendors at the local farmers’ market.

Torin Smith runs an Italian bakery stand that sells fresh pastries with local ingredients.

It’s great to see that the town is concerned with giving back to the community and helping out small businesses especially with the recent circumstances that have happened it’s just great to know they back us the small businesses,” Smith said.

Smith told 47ABC his favorite part is the display of patriotism the event brings and the ability for him to thank those first responders with a free meal from his stand.

I love it I mean there’s no other way to put it I love it,” he said.

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