Health experts preference the importance of the COVID-19 booster shot

DELMARVA – As the delta variant sweeps across the U.S., local medical experts are saying people should consider getting booster shots, when it’s available.

Dr. James Trumble at TidalHealth tells us — the booster shots are only made available to those who are immune compromised simply because they have a harder time fighting off the virus. However, now health experts say they’re looking at a timeline as to when those who aren’t immune compromised, should get their booster shot.

There’s still research being done about the variants and when the best time is to get a shot, but immune compromised residents shouldn’t put it off. “Many of those variants came about because of these immune suppressed people because the virus was literally mutating inside of them, then unfortunately it got passed on,” says Dr. James Trumble, Vice President of Integration at TidalHealth. He adds, “Exactly what they time frame is, we don’t know because we haven’t had the opportunity to test that out. It really become a balance of how good of a response that you get versus the complications that are potentially there.”

Also among those who are eligible to get the booster shot, are people with cancer, organ transplants, high dose steroids, and those who take medication that suppresses your immune system.

Call your local health experts to find out if you’re eligible for a booster shot.

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