Flocking for a good cause: Recovery Resource Center kicks off flamingo fundraiser

SALISBURY, Md. – If you wake up to a flock of purple flamingoes in your front yard, don’t be alarmed. You’ve been flocked!

The Recovery Resource Center in Salisbury is behind the flockings. They’re a local non-profit dedicated to addressing the recovery needs of those who struggle with addiction.

Here’s how getting flocked works. “The Flock A Friend fundraiser is where you purchase a ticket for $40, and you choose a person you want flocked. Overnight the flock of purple flamingoes will fly and they will land on your friend’s yard. So, when your friend wakes up, they will have a surprise of seeing this flock of flamingoes on their yard,” said Recovery Resource Center Executive Director Curtis Paul.

Paul says it’s all for a good cause. “The reason we chose purple is because it’s National Recovery Month and purple is the recovery color. So, we are at the same time raising money for the center, but raising awareness about the problem of addiction,” said Paul.

When the Recovery Resource Center isn’t flocking people, they host 12 step meetings throughout the day, every day. They also serve as home to Wicomico County’s safe station, where those dealing with addiction can get 24/7 crisis help. If you want to flock someone, or find out more about the center’s services, click here. You can also contact the center by calling (410) 749-9482.

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