Delaware offering toll violation amnesty program, 640K vehicles could be eligible

DELAWARE – The Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles is offering drivers with certain violations a chance to pay their debts at a discount.

Starting October 1st, drivers with eligible toll violations can take part in the toll amnesty program, which waives overdue tolls in exchange for an amnesty fee. Anyone with outstanding toll violations that happened on Routes 1 or I-95 between January 1st, 2014 and April 30th, 2020 is eligible.

Starting on October 1st, some Delawareans can expect to see a letter in their mailbox from the state, informing them of edibility. The Delaware Department of Transportation says there are about 640,000 vehicles with unpaid toll violations and civil penalties that could be eligible. Every year, there are about 70.6 million toll transactions on Routes 1 and I-95. About one million of those result in a violation.

The program runs until December 31st, 2021. After that date, any outstanding toll violations must be paid in full. To participate in the toll amnesty program, click here.

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