Delaware bill to fund trade school and certification program scholarships signed into law

DOVER, Del. – Delaware Governor John Carney signed SB65 into law Wednesday afternoon, allowing for the state to fund scholarships for high school students to attend trade schools and certification programs for careers in the trades, coding, and mechanical repairs.

The bill sets aside one million dollars, to be handed out as 10-thousand dollar scholarships. Lawmakers say prior to this bill, only 4-year programs offered that type of aid.

SB65 sponsor Brian Pettyjohn told 47 ABC he wanted to help those that are looking at a different career path and the businesses that want to hire them.

“The occupations are really in demand in the workforce right now there’s a high need for people that have the training have the certifications that doa lot of these jobs,” he said.

Senator Pettyjohn says he wants to have the bill ready by the end of this school year to help the most recent class of graduates take advantage of the funds.

The bill would allow for those who graduated within 24 months of the bill passing to apply too.

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