CSCDE catering to more patients throughout the state, hoping to keep the momentum

DELAWARE – Cancer Support Community Delaware (CSCDE) tells 47 ABC, the pandemic actually helped them expand their organization this year and help more cancer patients.

We’re told, CSCDE is dedicated to helping people cope with and manage the emotional aspect of cancer. Officials with the organization say the mental health issues and anxiety brought on by the pandemic in many of their patients proved to actually increase the number of patients they saw within the last year.

Officials tell us, combine that with their continued fundraising efforts such as the recent Delaware challenge bike, they can only hope to grow from here. Executive Director at CSCDE says, “Normally we see 1,100 to 1,200 people and in the last 18 months, we saw 15,000 people and have provided 30,000 visits to the state of Delaware.” She adds, “So we see it growing, we started small last year, we grew this year, and we see it growing in the future.”

If you’d like to get involved with the organization or want to find out about their services, just visit their website.

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