Weather Tidbits: Beaufort Scale on Land

The Beaufort Scale is an empricial measure that relates wind speed to observed conditions at sea or land and consists of 13 forces. The scale begins at Force 0 or calm and its effect is smoke rising vertically. Force 1 or light air involves smoke drifting to indicate wind direction. Force 2 or light breeze consist of leaves rustling and vanes moving. Force 3 or gentle breeze is where leaves are in motion and flags extend.

Force 4 or moderate breeze where dust, leaves are raised up but also branches move. Force 5 or fresh breeze is when small trees begin to sway. Force 6 or strong breeze includes large branches in motion and whistling heard in wires. Force 7 or near gale is when resistance is felt when walking against the wind.

Force 8 or gale is where twigs and small branches break off trees. Force 9 or strong gale has effects of shingles being blown off roofs. Force 10 or storm involves trees broken, structural damage occurs. Force 11 or violent storm brings widespread damage. Force 12 or hurricane deals with violence & destruction.

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