“We don’t want it as parents:” Worcester community members rally for change when it comes to mask mandate

WORCESTER COUNTY, Md.- Last week the Maryland State Board of Education passed an emergency regulation requiring masking in all Maryland Schools.

After the announcement, Worcester County Public School District then changed their policy for this upcoming school year from mask optional to required.

But some community members said they aren’t on board with the decision.

“We don’t want it as parents, and we don’t want the government telling us what is best for our children,” Richard Addis, a Worcester County parent, said.

So, to make their voices heard they gathered for a protest against the decision.

“The state should not be mandating what we do at the county level, they know their constituents better than anybody,” Caryn Abbott, the rally organizer, said.

Adding they feel their rights are being taken away.

And they want the decision to be reversed.

“We want people to have the individual liberty and the individual freedom to choose what is best for them best for their family, we don’t want it to be mandated,” Addis said.

“I would like to see everything brought back to the local level, I would like to see mask optional,” Abbott said.

While Worcester County Public Schools Superintendent, Lou Taylor, said universal masking is a critical piece to keeping in-person learning available to all students, those at the rally said they will continue to put pressure on the Board of Education to make change.

“We are not going to stop, this needs to be addressed locally,” Addis said.

“This is happening right in front of our faces now and if we don’t stand up now, it’s going to be too late,” Abbott said.

Abbott said she encourages more parents to get involved, and that they will be having more events.

In, the Superintendent’s announcement added that he knows that the wearing of masks is a polarizing issue in our community, and he’s hoping to see a decline in the transmission levels in our community soon, so they can revisit the decision.

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