Sunday funday fundraiser, brings tears of joy for the DiSaia family

MILFORD, Del. – As one Milford family struggles with a traumatic life experience, the community is rallying around them to show their support. “It’s so much bigger than us, it’s not about who puts it on it’s about the community that comes together for the cause,” says one of the event organizers, Taylor Rettano. She adds, “Just being able to be one of the moving parts of this event and being a reason why it’s happening, if so, I don’t even have words for it it’s awesome.”
After Tina DiSaia’s family found out she must deal with a terminal illness, friends and family came to the rescue and put on a fundraiser to help them through the hard times. “It’s humbling this takes a community this isn’t me, it’s all these people that showed up today all the vendors that showed up, all the sponsors it’s just humbling,” says Marissa King, owner of Easy Speak Spirits.
King said got wind of the DiSaia’s family problem from her employee, Brandon DiSaia, one of the five children of Tina DiSaiah. We’re told, once they realized how serious Tina’s cancer was, they found a way to try and help. “So every time he comes to work, we’ll have like five minutes, we’ll talk about how his mom is doing talk about how it’s going on at home,” says King. “From there on, he uses this as an escape and we work and we have fun and then he goes home and deals with it.”
The DiSaia fundraiser had a corn hole tournament, vendors, music, mobile axe throwing, food, auctions and much more. The DiSaia family tells us, their hearts are full at the amount of support they’ve received, and it feels good not to go through this alone. “Just seeing my family happy for once they all look pretty happy enjoying themselves and everything is calm it’s really nice,” says Brandon. His dad, and husband of Tina, Joseph DiSaia adds, “My heart is racing 1,000,000 miles a minute cause I’m so excited, and I just wish my wife could be here, it’s truly touching.”
However, we’re told the highlight of the day was the epic donation of a car for 16 year old Brandon. King says, they found out Brandon was walking to work every day. So they worked to find a way to make the support for the family, extra sweet, by getting a generous car donation and $250 gift certificate from One Stop in Milford. “Our family has been through a lot the past year it’s been really hard on us, and we’re just hoping that we raise the money for my mom and things get better for us,” says Brandon.
The DiSaia family also says, Sunday’s event just goes to show you what happens when a community rallies around one person and a family. “Honey this is all for you, you have a lot of people that love and support you and we’re not giving up. The best thing about today is seeing everybody have a good time for an ugly cause, for a great family,” says Joseph. He adds, “Don’t give up no matter what you’re going through, even the darkest times you have to have faith.”
If you want to donate to the DiSaia family, you can click here for their gofundme page.
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