Somerset County School District Announces Homelessnes and Mental Health Coordinator Position


SOMERSET COUNTY, MD- The Somerset County school district is adding a new position aimed to help students struggling with their mental health and homelessness.

The position is a homeless and mental health coordinator and will be filled by Stephanie O’Hara

As part of her duties, she’ll make sure kids will have easier access to resources.

The District says in the past the mental health counseling and programming would rely on extensive paperwork and taking kids to-and-from locations.

This new position will take on the burden so parents and the children themselves don’t have to.

Somerset Superintendent Dr. John Gaddis says the added help and resources can transform the lives of the child and their family.

“When we benefit the child and we help that child we are really helping that whole family because if you can bring that stability for a child that needs it a lot of times that wears off on other siblings and can provide a calmness in the family,” he said.

Dr. Gaddis says he understands that if a child is suffering from a mental crisis or is unsure of where they are resting their head at night, there’s no way they can focus on school or perform to their best potential.


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