Sen. McBride, Rep. Blunt Rochester campaigning for paid family and medical leave

DELAWARE – State and federal legislators are working together to get paid family and medical leave passed in Congress. Wednesday morning, Delaware State Senator Sarah McBride and U.S. Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester took part in a bus tour to advocate for that legislation. “I’m really optimistic that Congress is going to act and that we’re going to have a national paid planned medical leave program,” said Sen. McBride.

Sen. McBride says the goal is to make sure every American has the option of paid family and medical leave when they’re faced with a health crisis. “No one should be force to give up their income in the face of illness. Whether you’re dealing COVID or cancer – a global public health crisis or an individual health crisis – the same means apply. We need government action to ensure that every person in Delaware has access to this kind of benefit,” said Sen. McBride.

Passing legislation would be just one step closer to making sure Americans are taken care of in their times of need, according to Sen. McBride. “Thousands of Delawareans are facing impossible choices every single day. Government can’t stop all loss and all pain. But what we can do is make life a little bit easier for people when hard times hit. That is exactly what paid family and medical leave do,” said Sen. McBride.

For the senator, the issue of paid family and medical leave is personal. Senator McBride’s late husband, Andrew Cray, suffered from oral cancer. The senator says during those difficult months, she had to make sacrifices to help care for him. “Thousands of Delawareans are forced to give up their income when a family member faces a serious health condition and they need to take time off, like I had to do with my husband, to help and support and care for their loved one during those difficult challenges,” said Sen. McBride.

Looking ahead, Sen. McBride tells 47ABC she’s going to continue advocating for paid family and medical leave. She says she will be keeping a close eye on what Congress does in the coming months. “I’ll be watching for the details of that federal legislation to see what Congress does, and whether we need to act because Congress doesn’t, or whether we may need to fill in holes that Congress leaves,” said Sen. McBride.

Sen. McBride is the sponsor of Delaware’s Senate Bill 1. The Healthy Delaware Families Act, creates a statewide paid family and medical leave insurance program. She says if Congress fails to pass paid family and medical leave nationally, Delaware will be poised to provide that benefit to its citizens. “Depending on what happens, there may need to be steps the state legislature needs to take to ensure a robust benefit for everyone. But ultimately, at the end of the day, I have never been more optimistic that through a state or federal program, Delawareans will get this benefit,” said Sen. McBride.

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