Dining habits vary with rise of Delta Variant, restaurants say customers safety remains a top priority

SALISBURY, MD.-  As restaurant goers change their dining habits due to the rise of the Delta Variant,  this could have an impact on business.

Yet, management at the Irish Penny Pub & Grill say good luck has been in their corner. “With great community support that we get from everybody, its been pretty steady,” said Owner Jeff Trivits.

With business steady, I’m told they expect to see some changes come fall time. “We expect a bit of a dip in September. Then of course whatever the state says as far as what we need to follow as far as the guidelines go. Whatever we have to do to make sure that everybody is safe as possible. If we have to go back to wearing masks, we’ll be in compliance for whatever they want us to do,” said Trivits.

I spoke with a few community members and the big question was do you feel comfortable dining in or not. It wasn’t just one answer to that question.

“The places here, they’re not big. They’re really small. So when you’re dining in your dining close to people. It’s not like they can even maintain the 6ft rule and they’re not skipping tables. It’s literally like someone’s right next to you. I don’t feel comfortable,” said Resident Destyni Bolin.

“We really never changed our dining habits at all during the whole pandemic. We’re smart. We wear our masks, we’ve been vaccinated, and we trust that other people have been vaccinated as well,” said Resident Erin Kell.

Those hesitant say they’ve seen some places not following safety guidelines and changes would have to be made before they could feel comfortable dining in again. “Because I literally went somewhere the other day and I was right beside somebody that I did not know and I don’t really like that. So I think just skipping a couple of tables or something like that would be better,” said Bolin.

Despite this, those comfortable say restaurants have taken great measures to ensure safety and enjoy things feeling a little normal again. “Just enjoy. Go out! You’ll be surprised how well the restaurants and other places handle the different guidelines of the CDC,” said Kell.

The Irish Penny tells us the biggest challenge now is still staffing storages and due to those shortages they’ve had to limit their menu.


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