Bethany Jazz Funeral To Raise Money For Red Cross In Labor Day Event

BETHANY BEACH, DELAWARE-  Summer is soon coming to an end but the next few months is the heart of hurricane season, and Bethany Beach Jazz Funeral has announced they will be holding their ‘End of Summer Celebration” will not only mourn the loss of summer but also raise money for the Red Cross of Delmarva.

The Bethany Jazz Funeral is exactly what it sounds like a procession that rolls down the boardwalk in Bethany Beach to celebrate the end of summer with festive songs and creative costumes.

“It’s a great opportunity to end summer with a bang with a lot of laughed and fun,” said event coordinator and performer Marie Wright.

Wright says the event can be a great way to get people involved, listen to music and donate.

“People can just sit back enjoy the music come up on stage dance with us say goodbye to summer it’s just a wonderful time,” she said adding ” There will be the sale of t-shirts on the boardwalk so we will have volunteers from the Red Cross up on the boardwalk with us.”

The Red Cross needs those donations because as summer winds down hurricane season ramps up, and because of the pandemic, housing those who are displaced takes more time, space, and resources.

“We couldn’t open a gym or a large community center to house a lot of people instead we needed to find individual lodging for each person in need,” said Red Cross of Delmarva Executive Director Theresa Young.

Young told 47ABC that the Delmarva Chapter of the red cross often has had to rely on funding from other red crosses, she says those t-shirt sales can help them get people the help they need.

“We definitely need more assistance so we don’t deplete too fast,” she said adding “every dollar out of a person’s pocket helps make a difference.”

Young says that for services here on the Eastern Shore, they often spend time setting up emergency service buildings and shelters before disaster strikes which can be costly but worth it.

She says donations can help the red cross plan for the future and have those resources already available when disaster strikes.

“The more funds we are able to raise the more we are able to know we are prepared to go for the next event,” Young said.

Young says she will be in attendance not just to raise money, but also awareness of steps people in Bethany beach and low-lying areas can do to protect themselves-this Hurricane season.






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