Ocean City moves forward with officer body cams before 2025 deadline

OCEAN CITY, MD- Ocean City Police says they are moving with plans to outfit officers with body cameras before the 2025 deadline set by the state of Maryland. 

The measure was raised first at the police commission meeting, where members can choose to vote and create a line item, which can then be sent to before the full city council. 
 Police say they want the cameras, which they say will allow video to be available that shows incidents unfolding in their entirety- and not just the parts that go viral online.
“When you have the camera there your ability to go back and see the video the audio from start to finish because you see the cell phone video you collect from the scene but they may not have the entire incident before bystanders started recording,” said OCPD PIO Ashley Miller. 

Miller says the department is exploring options with the body cameras including which provider would best suit the needs of the city.

She says the question of what happens to the footage collected is also up for discussion, with the department considering the staffing increases it may need to have the footage be stored in the department versus providers who store it on their own networks.



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