Local beach patrol reminding people to be wary of heat on the beach

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. – As summer moves along and temperatures rise, beach patrol officials are asking people to remember to stay safe on the beach when it comes to the heat. Rehoboth Beach Patrol Captain Kent Buckson says calls for heat-related illnesses aren’t uncommon. “You’re going to get a couple each day. We haven’t had too many emergencies. People tend to know it’s very hot outside, so I think they’re taking some precautions,” said Capt. Buckson.

Capt. Buckson says it’s important to hydrate the day before and while you hit the beach. He also says making sure you’re eating enough will help prevent any heat-related illness. “You need to plan ahead. The night before you need to start hydrating leading up to that day at the beach. If you’re not hydrated or properly fed with nutrition, that’s going to create a problem in the heat,” said Capt. Buckson.

¬†Plus, Capt. Buckson says it’s easy to get heat blisters on the bottom of your feet because of hot sand. So, he says wearing flip flops and making sure children have some kind of footwear is important. “Your feet can be very painful to you if you get blisters walking on the sand. Make sure you’re wearing flip flops and taking care of the little ones, making sure they have shoes on their feet,” said Capt. Buckson.

Capt. Buckson also recommends putting sunscreen on at least 30 minutes before your beach trip, and remembering to re-apply. He says taking a dip in the water can also help cool down your body temperature. Taking a break from the beach is also important. Capt. Buckson says peak heat hours are usually during the afternoon. “Go to the beach in the morning or come back in the evening. Try to avoid the afternoon hours. 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. tend to be the hottest. So, that’s an opportunity to go back to your hotel room, your car, your house to take a break,” said Capt. Buckson.

Most importantly, according to Capt. Buckson, is to always swim in sight of a lifeguard. “There are a lot of hidden dangers out on the beach. It’s a great time, everybody wants to come out on the beach. But you really have to be smart about things regarding the weather, the surf conditions, things like that,” said Capt. Buckson.

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