Gov. Carney to sign SB 158; a bill to help prisoners work and rehabilitate

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DELAWARE – Governor John Carney was expected to sign a bill on Thursday that will help get inmates working and help them with rehabilitation efforts. Senate Bill 158, championed by the Department of Corrections will increase the number of inmates eligible to work, expand job skill training opportunities, and assist offenders with reentry.

The DOC will also be able to provide hourly wages, or good time credit. We’re told this will help take time off of eligible offenders sentences. Not only will this legislation get inmates working and out of idle time, but it will also assist in the continual rehabilitation of prisoners. “While they’re incarcerated, get them drug treatment, get them cognitive care therapy so they understand their crimes and they can change them. Get them a job while they’re incarcerated,” says outgoing DOC Commissioner, Claire DeMatteis. She adds, “This department is now safer, stronger, much more efficient with the support of the Governor and the members of the general assembly. DOC is a great place and continues to move forward.”

The bill’s signing has been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances, but this piece of legislation will go into effect immediately following Governor Carney’s signature.

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