Elks Lodge 817 donates new dive team trailer to Salisbury Fire Dept.

SALISBURY, Md. – The Salisbury Fire Department now has some new rescue equipment on hand, thanks to a generous donation from the Elks Lodge 817. The lodge donated a brand new trailer to house the fire department’s dive team equipment. “This year we have donated over $207,000 to local charities in our community. We are always looking for more places where we can really make a difference, either with our donations or our membership,” said Chair of the Lodge’s Charity Committee Erin Smith.

The trailer will hold underwater communications and sonar equipment, hazardous materials dive suits, and ice rescue sleds and gear. Salisbury Fire Department Chief John Tull the trailer is replacing an outdated fleet vehicle. “This trailer will certainly increase our capabilities for providing an enhanced response to our fire district,” said Chief Tull.

Plus, the chief says the trailer will help keep the dive team more protected and organized. “It’ll allow us to have a place for our divers to dress within an enclosed trailer, keeping them out of the weather. It’ll protect our equipment a lot longer than what currently is in place with having our equipment scattered throughout the building,” said Chief Tull.

Salisbury Mayor Jake Day says not only with the trailer help fire department personnel. He says it’ll also save taxpayers some money. “This is an example of a need that would otherwise be filled with taxpayer funds. This diverts the resources that would otherwise go to that project to other things, important needs of of the Salisbury Fire Department, which all fill the needs of public safety,” said Mayor Day.

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