“We want our children to be tolerant people” – How to talk to your kids about Pride

SALISBURY, Md. – As Pride Month continues, some parents may be answering questions from their children. Salisbury PFLAG says those questions could center around what the celebration is all about. “Pride month is an excellent opportunity to teach your children that all expressions of gender, gender identities, and forms of love are valid,” said Salisbury PFLAG Board President Nicole Hollywood.

Hollywood says it’s best to keep it simple. But, she says parents should still explain that everybody has their differences, and they should be celebrated. “Some boys marry girls, some boys marry boys, and sometimes girls marry girls,” said Hollywood. “Sometimes people are told that they’re a girl or boy by their teachers and parents, but on the inside they know they’re something else – or they have no gender at all.”

Hollywood tells 47ABC it’s important to explain these differences. She says that’s because in the future, many children will likely meet LGBTQ+ people. Or, Hollywood says those children could find that they themselves identify with the community as they get older. “There’s all kind of people in this world, and we don’t know what our children will turn out to be like. So, if you don’t talk about everybody and give validity to everyone, you could be hurting your own child,” said Hollywood.

Another important note to hit upon is to explain that LGBTQ+ historically face many forms of discrimination, according to Hollywood. For example, many LGBTQ+ people face difficulties with finding employment or a place to live. “We want our children to be tolerant people. We don’t want our children to be bullies,” said Hollywood.

She says most of all, it’s key to explain that the celebration of Pride month is just that. Hollywood says it’s all about highlighting and appreciating the many different types of people that make up the LGBTQ+ community. “Each June we come together to recognize the achievements of LGBTQ+ people, show support for our friends, families, and neighbors,” said Hollywood.

If you’d like more resources on how to have these conversations, or how to support your child who is coming out, click here.

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