Trimper’s Rides ferris wheel violating town code as it overhangs boardwalk

OCEAN CITY, Md.- The Trimper’s Rides ferris wheel was a hot topic at the Ocean City Council meeting Monday evening.

The biggest concern the wheel is in violation by overhanging the boardwalk.

Trimper’s Rides said they spoke to the council about placing the big wheel in that area for many reasons.

“Do you see that you can stand at dumpsters right now, you can stand at play land, you can stand at dough roller and its still hidden,” Antoinette Bruno, the President of Trimper’s Rides OC, said.

“You said people went to the wrong wheel because we didn’t have trams, because of COVID, you didn’t think the trams would be running again because of COVID,” an Ocean City council member said.

During an October meeting they talked about the wheel overhanging the boardwalk, but couldn’t approve it because more needed to be discussed.

But a former council member, who sat in that October meeting said when Trimper’s had a survey ordered for their property recently, findings showed it did go over their property line

“They brought the big wheel to town and erected it and supposedly its about 10 feet over their property line,” Dennis Dare, a former OC council member, said.

Trimper’s Rides said they thought they had permission to overhang the wheel a little bit and they moved rides around to make things work.

“We used a CAD program, we laid out the wheel he gave us the measurements, we turned the wheel, so we thought we were 3 feet 7 inches,” Bruno said.

They also said they didn’t know where their property line was when the wheel was being constructed, something that the Mayor argues should’ve been known before it went up

“Don’t you think that would have been a good idea to find out before constructing the ferris wheel you cant go back and say oh well we didn’t know where out property line was,” Mayor Meehan, said.

But now they’re in need of a solution.

“If we allow this to happen it was just going to be everybody asking for it and now you just did it so if we don’t enforce our rules is everyone else going to just do it,” an OC council member said.

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