“Take a piece of art, leave a piece of art,” Little Gallery Opens in Cambridge

Cambridge, MD. – Have you ever seen a tiny art gallery in person? Well now you can!

In Cambridge, Main Street Gallery is showing off their fun-sized work of art.

In a wooden box, located outside of the gallery, you’ll find art of all kinds.

Inside you may find anything from canvas paintings to sea glass stackings.

47ABC reached out to Susan Klise, curator, of the Little Free Art Gallery.

Klise says she got the inspiration from a Free Book Gallery in Seattle, and wanted to re-create the idea, in the heart of Cambridge.

“It’s a way to help you if you’re intimidated by the art, to appreciate it on a much smaller scale,” said Klise.

Klise says it’s dedicated to inspiring artists to get creative all while bringing the community together as we recover from the pandemic.

The overall goal of the miniature gallery, is to put a smile on people’s face’s one piece of art at a time.

“It’s a fun thing and you’re sort of walking down the street and say ah and it’s something interesting to look at you’re not just walking down the street going from one place to another, something to catch your eye,” said Klise.

The gallery is open 24/7 and you can find it at 518 Poplar Street in Cambridge.

And remember, if you take a piece of art, you’re encouraged to then leave a piece of art.

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