President Biden touches down in Rehoboth Beach Wednesday evening

REHOBOTH, Del.- Rehoboth Beach is getting ready to get presidential.

President Joe Biden and the First Lady are arriving Wednesday evening and people we spoke with are looking forward to the visit.

“Oh I’m excited the Biden family has a log history of vacationing here and long before they owned a home here,” Bob Cartwright, one of the owners of the Coffee Mill, said.

“I think it’s great, this is his first visit here I believe so I’m sure they will work out some of the details, I think it’s going to be slightly chaotic, but you know the last year has been chaotic and we are going to roll with it,” Susan Kehoe, one of the owners of Browseabout Books, said.

The Biden family has a home in the area and while this is President Biden’s first visit to his Rehoboth Beach home since becoming president some local businesses said they don’t expect the Biden’s themselves to act any different.

” He usually bikes here with Dr. Biden and they come in and they don’t ask for special treatment or anything, they just come on and they sit down,” Christie Husband, a manager, server, bartender of Egg Rehoboth, said.

One of the owners of Browseabout Books said the President and the first lady have had book signings at the store.

She said one of her favorite memories is when President Biden made a surprise appearance at one of the First Lady’s events there.

“He just kind of showed up spontaneously and he just walked through the line and introduced himself as Jills husband and just shook hands with everybody so that’s really lovely,” Kehoe said.

I’m told on of the best things the President does when he comes to visit is support local businesses.

“After a terrible year for businesses and the community, President Biden and Doctor Biden could not be bigger supporters of our businesses and our downtown community,” Edward Chrzanowski, Rehoboth Beach City Commissioner, said.

“Joe and his family are big supporters of the local community and it’s about the little guy,” Cartwright said.

And while it’s uncertain if he the President and First Lady will make an appearance to any of these places this time around, businesses said they will be ready if they do stop by

“It would be great if he would come in again, we would definitely try and get him seated as quickly as we can, we do get very busy but i think we can probably make an exception for the President of the Unites States,” Husband said.

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