OC restaurant owner reacts to carry out and delivery of alcohol ending

OCEAN CITY, Md.- An Ocean City restaurant owner is speaking about Worcester county’s decision to end the executive orders that allowed outdoor seating- and carry out and delivery of alcohol.

Phil Houck, the owner of Bull on the Beach, said having these executive orders in place did help business during the pandemic.

He said especially the outside seating because inside they were limited.

But while he said to-go alcohol sales have helped, Houck doesn’t feel that ending the orders will have a huge impact on businesses, since businesses already had months of selling to-go alcohol.

“I think it’s fine, we are very very happy they agreed to do that last year during the pandemic and it really helped, we had some carryout beer wine and liquor, we had a bunch of outdoor dining tables for the customers and it worked great and i think its time to get back to normal,” Houck said.

Carry-out and delivery of alcohol will end starting July 1.

We did reach out to the The Executive Director for the OC Hotel- Motel- Restaurant Association, she said asking operators to switch business practices mid-summer provides challenges in an already challenging environment.

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