NAACP and other groups speak out about OC arrest video during press conference, demand for change

ANNAPOLIS, Md.- Sick and tired of being sick and tired.
That was a big message at the joint press conference held in Annapolis Wednesday afternoon by the NAACP and other groups to discuss police reform.
“I think the more people who are unified, the more people who start to come together, the more people start to demand for change, we will get change,” Richard Potter, Talbot NAACP President, said.
“Sick and tired of our black and brown kids being hurt, coming down to Ocean City to have a good time,” Ivory Smith, Worcester NAACP President, said.
The meeting was called to show solidarity after the recent viral Ocean City Boardwalk arrests where police are seen tasing and kneeing teenagers.
This after things escalated after one of them allegedly refused to comply with the town’s vaping ordinance.
“It looked like a modern day lynch mob, I’m going to call is as I see it,” Potter said.
Members of the NAACP said by having this meeting they want to raise awareness how the police departments treat people of color, and that they need to be held accountable for those actions.
They said in cases like the recent OC arrest they would like to see the officers suspended.
And for an outside source to investigate.
“We are looking for someone else besides the Ocean City to investigate their own party and someone besides the Worcester County State’s Attorney,” Smith said.
Leaders also added that after lawmakers worked so hard this general assembly to pass legislation for police reform, it’s horrific to see these incidents of use of force still continuing to happen.
But they said, hopefully standing together as a unified community can make a difference.
“This is change, this is where change starts,” Smith said.
The Ocean City Police said the teens being arrested were acting disorderly, including one teen pushing a public safety aide and allegedly trying to hit them with a police bike.
We are told by the Ocean City Mayor that the town’s Police Department’s Office of Professional Standards is currently investigating both incidents, per the department’s use of force policy.
And added while the use of force is never the intended outcome, the police department’s first priority is to protect and serve.
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