Maryland Senator to introduce police reform act in Congress

MARYLAND – U.S. Maryland Senator Chris Van Hollen along with California’s senator hosted a virtual discussion on Friday morning to reintroduce the community based response act, which is said to be another step in the push for police reform.

We’re told this act was introduced last year but some adjustments were made. Senator Van-Hollen tells 47 ABC, the act will provide federal incentives in the form of grants to help cities develop alternatives to police response.

Officials say cases dealing with mental health would be an example of needing an alternative response, something the Senator says is much needed especially after this past year. Senator Van-Hollen says the bill would “Allow law enforcement to focus their resources and their energy and their attention on where it’s needed most, and not ask them to be the primary response to so many other situations that don’t require the use of force response.”

The community based response act will be introduced in the senate next week, and the following week it will be introduced in the house.

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