Doctors recommending to still get vaccine even with potential link to cardiac ailment

MARYLAND- With the recent news of a potential link between the COVID-19 vaccine and a cardiac ailment in young people, some doctors are saying they should still get the vaccine.

When looking at the population between 16 to 24 year olds it was found that those who received the vaccine had higher incidents of myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle, than would be expected from the same population.

We are told myocarditis most commonly happens from viral infections.

While the new study may be alarming, the Vice President of Medical affairs at Atlantic General Hospital said people of that age are more likely to have a cardiac issue from contracting COVID than receiving the vaccine.

“So, even though the reaction and the term myocarditis can sound frightening the dangers to people’s heart from the COVID vaccine is much more significant,” Sally Dowling, VP Med. Affairs Atlantic General, said.

We are told myocarditis seemed much more frequent after the second dose of the vaccine, but for most who got it the symptoms went away quickly.

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