Delaware Humane Association, SPCA to merge

DELAWARE – Two organizations in the First State are teaming up in an effort to help take care of more animals in the state and help them find a loving home.

The Delaware Humane Association and The Delaware SPCA announced they’ll be merging together this year, creating one organization dedicated to serving animals.

Patrick Carroll, the Executive Director of the Humane Association, says the merger will give both organizations more physical space to help animals, more hands on staff, and potentially more grants and funding. He says when they looked at the work both teams were doing, this was an easy answer.

“Just several months ago we just kind of came to the recognition that we’re both trying to do the same thing, our missions are very similar, we’re very similar in size, and it just makes sense to combine our strengths and our assets,” Carroll said.

Carroll says the two organizations will work on the integration process this summer and they hope to be fully merged by this fall. In the meantime, he says both organizations rely a lot of donations and community support and they’re hoping they still receive that support after the merger.

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