City of Lewes to receive about $1.7M, planning to help solve challenges from COVID

LEWES, Del.- The Lewes City Manager said they will receive about $1.7 million dollars through the American Rescue Plan Act.

The city manager said they were given a lot of flexibility on how to use the money, but it focuses on COVID relief and getting back to post pandemic.

We are told they are thinking of using the funds to build a new bathroom to the Rollins Community Center, to resume public meetings.

Also, they want to add hardware to the center to continue live streams.

“We are trying to be very judicious on how we use the funds and make sure that we use it in a way that one that we can clearly relate to what we need to do to recover from COVID and two, make sure that we stretch it because we can,” Ann Marie Townshend, Lewes City Manager, said. 

Other areas where they may spend the money is by helping residents with utility bills, also some non-profits have reached out

They said they want to be transparent on where this money goes.

The funds are expected to be given to them this week.

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