Change in career paths linked to pandemic job scare


For many, the pandemic changed the course of their lives including their career paths.

Data from the Pew Research Center shows that 66 percent of unemployed adults say they’ve seriously considered changing their occupation since being laid off.

Experts says people may want to change careers paths now because the pandemic, where by force or choice, made many think about their futures. “For a lot of people it was just that time where everything just kind of stopped for a little bit and they were able to think about what they want their future to look like,” said Founder/Hospitality Executive and Transformational Travel Coach Shelley Hastings

Locally, we’re told many in industries like hospitality saw the most change.

Ultimately, career  experts says this was a time for many to look in a different direction. “They couldn’t wait for a really couldn’t wait for a long period of time to be able to get back into their same positions. And so even locally, people were looking at changing direction either because they were forced to or it was a great opportunity to try it,” said Hastings.

With things getting back to normal, experts say its a great time to seek new opportunities and explore something new.

Data from Microsoft’s annual Work Trend Index report in March found that 46%  of study participants say they planned on making a big career change. This only a year after other data showed a majority of people who say they hoped for longevity with their current employer.

Career experts also advise people to do their research in interested areas first to see if its a good fit and explore many options.

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