As temperatures heat up, vets warn of hot asphalt

DELMARVA – As the summer starts to heat up, so is the asphalt, and it’s important to know how hot is too hot for your furry friends.

That’s why local vets are asking you to think twice before taking your pet on walks. 47 ABC reached out to Marianne Bailey, owner of Queenstown Veterinary Hospital, who says that dogs paw pads are incredibly sensitive. The hot surface can burn or peel that protective layer off your pup.

Dr. Bailey asks pet owners to keep a few tips in mind. Don’t take your dog on long runs, keep them on grass surfaces, and take your pet out before it gets too hot outside.

“They know what they want to do, if you could let them out earlier in the day or let them out later in the day and really skip that midday walks or exercise on these really hot days” says Dr. Bailey.

Dr. Bailey also says that if your pet does get burned, you should avoid at-home treatments and take your pet to the vet to avoid as much pain as possible.

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