Pent up demand for travel, you could see more people flying Memorial Day weekend

SALISBURY, Md.- No matter if you’re hopping on a plane, or in the front seat of a car, you may see more people traveling this Memorial Day weekend.

“We are expecting that nationally more than 37 million Americans will be traveling over this Memorial holiday weekend and about more than 34 million of those people will be driving,” Ragina Ali, Public and Government Affairs Manager for AAAMidatlantic MD, said.

We’re told that as more people receive their COVID-19 vaccines and restrictions are lifted they’re more comfortable to travel.

“With the pandemic slowing down, with latest CDC announcements as far as wearing masks goes we are expecting to see some more travelers come through here,” Tony Rudy, Salisbury’s Regional Airport Manager, said.

Triple A told us that when it comes to flying airports could be more flooded than last year.

“With airline travel we are seeing about 2.5 million Americans are expected to travel by air over this Memorial Day weekend holiday that represents almost a 580 percent increase compared to this time last year,” Ali said.

But Salisbury’s Regional Airport Manger told us that while more people may be flying it’s important to know even though CDC mask recommendations have changed, that’s not the case for airports.

“Whenever you’re on airport property or an airplane you still are required to where the mask, that recently has been extended through September but I did notice that they say that could be lifted prior to that,” Rudy said.

And we’re told there are some other important things to be aware of for this upcoming busy Memorial Day weekend.

“For awhile they had the middle seat open on airlines, some may still be doing that,” Ali said. “It’s also important to know that they may have limited amenities or some cases no amenities so be mindful of that.”

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