OC Springfest kicks off Thursday, the event could help businesses

OCEAN CITY, Md.- Arts, food and entertainment, that’s what you can find here at Ocean City’s Springfest, but we’re told by the mayor that you can expect some changes from previous years.

“We’ve seen that as we’ve changed some of our events this last year ,people have been excited and really like the changes, so I think they are really going to enjoy being here this year,” Mayor Rick Meehan, said.

The town will be celebrating their 30th anniversary of Springfest from May 6th to the 9th, which brings food, music, and arts and crafts to the inlet lot.

Last year, the event was cancelled due to the pandemic, but we’re told by the mayor they are excited to return with new additions.

” We are going to open up a beer garden which is a little bit different, the entertainment isn’t going to be big name entertainment, but it’s going to be continuous¬† and it’s going to be all outside, we have broken up the tents into smaller tents rather than large tents,” Mayor Meehan said.

Some leaders we spoke with said they are hopeful this event will bring in more people.

“There’s definitely a pent up demand for travel, I think we all know that, I think we’ve all seen that,” Lachelle Scarlato, Executive Director for the Greater Ocean City Chamber of Commerce, said.

“It will definitely generate some traffic, there are lots of people who are very loyal to all of the fests that ocean city puts on so it will certainly bring people to town this weekend,” Susan Jones, Executive Director for the OC Hotel Motel Restaurant Association, said.

And that with an increase in foot traffic it could generate more business.

“The more people on the boardwalk, the better it is for us, for all of our locations,” Stephan Pastusak, Vice President of Jolly Roger Amusement Parks, said.

“When they get here they have to sleep somewhere, they have to go out to eat they might want to play minigolf, so it really helps spur some economic activity,” Jones said.

While leaders are hopeful Springfest will be a positive event, they also see it is as a sign of growth for the future.

“It’s more a sign of normalcy, its getting back to doing what we are used to do doing, it’s getting back to the summer season starting,” Pastusak said.

We’re told Thursday through Saturday the event will go from 10 a.m to 8 p.m., and on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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