Inclusive playground opens in Salisbury, welcoming kids of all abilities

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SALISBURY, Md. – Calling kids of all abilities! A new playground designed to be safe and accessible for everyone  is now ready for families to come and enjoy. The playground is located at the back of Henry S. Parker Athletic Complex, between fields 7 and 8.

Some of the unique features of The Donnie Williams Inclusive Playground include soft rubber flooring to prevent anyone from getting hurt, and extra benches with plenty of shade for resting. The playground also has mobility device-accessible ramps and merry go round. Plus, kids can enjoy features that promote sensory stimulation. If a child is feeling overstimulated, they can walk a nearby path, equipped with break stations and other sensory equipment.

Wicomico County Acting Executive John Psota says the playground is the 27th edition to the county’s play areas. He says it was designed with kids of all backgrounds and abilities in mind. “An inclusive playground is a playground designed with seven core principals as its guide: a universally designed play environment for people with diverse abilities, age, race, gender, ethnicity, culture, and socioeconomic status,” said Psota.

It’s one of the only playgrounds of its kind on the Eastern Shore. Psota says it opens up opportunities for growth, friendship, and creativity. “The Donnie Williams Foundation challenges children and all of us to dream big. In working together, we can make those dreams possible,” said Psota.

Members of the Donnie Williams Foundation say the playground is a dream come true. “This is really a fantastic place, and this new edition is something that Donnie would truly be happy with,” said Allen Brown.

Funding for the playground was made possible by the state of Maryland, State Senator Addie Eckardt, Wicomico County, the Donnie Williams Foundation and various others.

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