Gas stations seeing higher prices, partly due to pipeline cyber security attack

MARYLAND- “It honestly reminds me of the beginning of COVID, like everyone was going to grocery stores buying toilet paper and all the necessities and its going to be the same thing I feel like,” Bella Robinson, a Salisbury resident, said.

The fallout from US Colonial Pipeline shutdown prompted by a cyber security attack has caused people to rush for the pump.

The pipeline accounts for 45 percent of all fuel used on the East Coast, but locally officials say there’s no need to panic.

“We have interacted with the suppliers that supply the diesel fuel and gasoline to the county and we’ve talked with them and there’s no concern about the supply this time,” David Shipley, Emergency Services Director for Wicomico County, said.

Another result of this incident, gas prices sky rocketing.

We’re told Wednesday the national gas price average hit $3 a gallon, something we haven’t seen since October 2014.

“In Salisbury, the average today is 2.90 a gallon and that’s actually 11 cents higher than it was a week ago,” Ragina Ali, Public and Government Affairs Manager for AAAMidatlantic MD, said.

One Salisbury local we spoke with said, when it comes to these high prices, there’s really no getting around it.

He just hopes the prices don’t get worse.

“It’s going to be hard on us, to buy the gas and pay for it, I mean because people don’t have money like that, it’s going to be hard for everybody, but I guess we have to live with it,” Wayne Tull, Salisbury resident.

And while it is anticipated that this disruption of the pipeline only be short term, we’re told those high prices may remain until around the end of the month, as a result of not only this incident but just the normal increase in demand around this time.

“It’s said that it will take about 15 to 18 days to get everything back up to normal and have the gas pump from Texas to New Jersey, so we are probably going to see these higher gas prices I would suspect at least through the memorial day holiday,” Ali said.

We’re told another reason gas prices could be high right now is because there is short supply in truck drivers.

As well as, crude oil prices being higher.

Governor Larry Hogan authorized Maryland’s Department of Transportation to take emergency measures to respond to the Colonial Pipeline incident, saying “The emergency actions that we are taking will provide the state the flexibility it needs to address any disruption in fuel supply.”

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