DE bill could expand the medical cannabis law and create easier access to healthcare

DELAWARE- Expanding the medical cannabis law, that’s what Senate Bill 60 aims to do in Delaware’s General Assembly.

“It simply enables the ability for physician assistants and nurse practitioners to prescribe medicinal cannabis to prescribe patients here in the state of Delaware,” Senator Ernie Lopez, sponsor of the bill, said.

And that’s exactly what it would do if this bill passes.

“What we heard throughout COVID is that we need to be looking at legislation that expands the opportunity for our constituents to have better access to health care and that’s exactly what Senate Bill 60 does,” Sen. Lopez said.

The goal of the bill is not only to create easier access to better healthcare, but it will also allow these workers to do more for their patients.

“Primary physicians are hard to get anymore,” Senator Bruce Ennis, said.

“Right now anybody who sees a physician assistants or nurse practitioner has to go out of network to medical license marijuana doctor, so they are spending hundreds of dollars out of pocket,” Lillyanne Ternahan, a patient and Delaware resident, said.

Ternahan said she sees a physician assistant and this addition to the law could take some stress off.

“So, I will save approximately about $250 per year by being able to stay in network and see my physicians assistant,” Ternahan said.

And moving forward, Sen. Lopez said he feels hopeful that it will get to the Governor’s desk.

“There were over 22 co-sponsors on the bill, it is one of the most bi-partisan bills that we have in the General Assembly thus far,” Lopez said. “So, to be able to deliver for them on their behalf on something that relates to their health, is something that’s meaningful to me and my colleagues.”

Senator Lopez said this bill passed the Senate on a bi-partisan basis.

It also passed the household committee and is set be voted on in the House of Representatives next week.

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