Bill to remove the training wage, makes it through the House


DELAWARE – Addressing minimum wages in general, has been a hot topic this year. Now, state representatives tell 47 ABC, if this bill makes it through the senate, small businesses are going to be impacted negatively, and that’s not something they think comes at a good time.

House bill 88 would remove the training minimum wage and youth minimum wage. Combine that with the minimum wage increase in Delaware, and non-supports say small businesses aren’t going to be able to handle it.

Under current law, businesses are allowed to pay employees under age 18 up to 50 cents less per hour than the minimum wage. Bill sponsors say, earning less simply because they’re a minor, or because they’re new to the job simply isn’t fair.

We’re told, while states are still navigating through this pandemic and many businesses already suffering, this could potentially make it harder to recover. “You start layering these costs onto the employer and it becomes unbearable, unsustainable,” says state representative, Ruth Briggs-King. “So for that employer to take that risk on that person, being able to have that 50 cents an hour difference can be an impact for them about whether they’re going to do that or not. Maybe maybe not but we need to let that employer make that decision about how they want to compensate.”

Representative Briggs-King also tells us, a major issue comes from people not quite understanding the business side of this bill. She says something like this shouldn’t be a priority right now.

House Bill 88 was assigned to the labor committee in the senate for review. There will be a hearing May 19th at 1 p.m.

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