18th annual Memorial Day ceremony; recognizing fallen soldiers from Wicomico

SALISBURY, Md. – On Memorial Day in Wicomico County the annual Memorial Day ceremony commenced at the Civic center. The day was all about honoring the fallen, an event that hasn’t happened since 2019.

World War 1, World War 2, Vietnam War and the war in the Middle East were just a few of the wars highlighted at Monday’s ceremony. The community came together to honor and remember fallen military. “It’s nice to honor the people that were killed in action or missing in action,” says Jim Jester, and army veteran. “I had a close friend who died Vietnam, so it get’s you quick to your heart.”

Jim Jester served some time in the Dominican Republic during his time in the military. He says although he was able to come home, many didn’t have the luxury and that’s what the day is about, honoring those who have a missing place at the dinner table. Jester also tells 47 ABC, it’s a sad but necessary sacrifice the military must do. “Of course we hope that we don’t have to do it again but we probably will, that’s the unfortunate part,” says Jester.

According to officials, the most important part of Memorial Day is naming the men and women who gave their lives for this country, especially those who are from right here in Wicomico County. “Do not forget the 191 names that are on these plaques, that’s critical,” says Anthony Sarbanes, a Chairmen with the Wicomico War Memorial Committee.

Audience members tell us, although the day was bitter sweet they felt blessed just to be able to come together for the ceremony. “It was great to see so many people out and the lord blessed us with a beautiful day,” says Jester.

Officials left the audience with one final message at the conclusion of the ceremony; Remember those who have fallen, embrace those who are living, and honor those still fighting for our freedom every day. “Thank them for their service to our country in whatever role, whatever they did, thank them very much because we owe those veterans a great deal,” says Sarbanes.

We’re also told, if you have information to share about a fallen service-person, please email Linda Lyons at llyons@wicomicocounty.org.

If you’re interested in helping preserve the memorial and honor a loved one who has or is serving, citizens may purchase a ‘Tree of Honor Gold Leaf.’ The leaf will be engraved with his or her name and a short message, and the leaf will be displayed on the Veterans’ Tree of Honor in the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center lobby. All proceeds are placed in a fund designated to maintain the War Memorial.

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