Wico. Sheriff Mike Lewis joins 200+ sheriffs in urging President Biden to secure border


WICOMICO CO., Md. – Over two hundred sheriffs across the country have penned a letter to President Joe Biden, pleading with him to take more action to secure the southern border.

Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis was part of that letter. He says he’s been involved with border security for years and that he’s even been to Mexico several times to talk with officials there about immigration.

Sheriff Lewis says he is particularly concerned about an uptick in drug trafficking and drug crimes, that he says is related to more people coming across the border. He says that is directly impacting Marylanders.

“It absolutely terrifies me, it terrifies me for our country’s future, it terrifies me as a citizen of the state of Maryland, because these drug trafficking organizations are well-entrenched in Maryland today,” Sheriff Lewis said.

Sheriff Lewis says he’s even going to the southern border sometime within the next week to talk with law enforcement down there about what can be done. He notes that he is not against people coming to America, but says they need to do so legally and constitutionally.

Dorchester County Sheriff James Phillip was also signed on to that letter to the president.

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