Urge to get vaccinated has slowed in Wicomico County, while appointments are readily available

SALISBURY, Md.- Despite vaccine availability, a concerning trend in Maryland, COVID-19 hospitalizations are on the rise once again.

That’s why Tidal Health is encouraging people to come get the vaccine.

Officials said after the initial rush that urge to get vaccinated has slowed in the public.

They told us this could be due to people in rural areas having a hard time getting to vaccine clinics and people mistrusting the vaccines.

“So, we really as a community need to get together and start seeing where we can encourage others to get vaccinated,” Kathryn Fiddler, VP of Population Health for Tidal Health, said. “It’s really important because there’s still a sigfincant part of our population that hasn’t been vaccinated and we know that’s going to be critical for us to be able to stop wearing masks.”

We’re told in Wicomico County about 26% of the population is fully vaccinated.

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