New campaign announced to help Delmarva migrant workers get resources

DELMARVA- Getting migrant workers the resources they need; that’s what organizations are continuing to do with a new 5-year campaign partnership with the CDC.

“We are making a huge difference in our group here on the Delmarva Shore, it’s amazing, it really is amazing,” Jesus Sanchez, Assistant Director for the UFCW Local 27, said.

We’re told by an organization, leading the campaign,  that within the last year Delmarva’s meat, poultry, and seafood plants became coronavirus hotbeds, and communication barriers and public health hazards made migrant workers vulnerable.

“We know too many people have gotten sick, too many people have lost their lives, and we are talking about immigrant communities, communities of color low income folks,” Julia Coburn, Project Director for Centro de los Derechos del Migrante, said.

So, this campaign, announced April 28th, will continue making the push to prevent and control infectious disease, especially COVID-19, among local migrant workers.

“Not only are we helping them kind of educating on what COVID is, how it effects them, how it effects their family, how the closeness of their coworkers all kind of makes a difference,” Sanchez said.

“Working with hospitals and health departments to vaccinate folks, we have been putting out videos,” Coburn said.

And as food workers from Mexico are arriving to the states, we’re told getting these resources out is crucial.

“A lot of those folks have a lot of questions, are very high risk for COVID infection, and have many questions on if they have access to the vaccine, if they need to quarantine after travel and what their rights are if they need to do so,” Coburn said.

And moving forward, organizations told us they hope these will help reduce COVID infection, and bring in more partnerships.

“In the short term, is to get shots into arms, get vaccinations and get everybody safe,” Sanchez said.

We’re told in the campaign’s first year the demonstration phase of the project aims to reach up to 19,000 workers on Delmarva.

The initial effort is funded by a $1.7 million grant that will provide data to the CDC to inform new guidelines and best practices, including vaccination strategies.

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